Renovate Your Bathroom into a Smart Bathroom

A refreshing shower rejuvenates your spirit to give your day a fresh start and there is nothing more invigorating. A bathroom is that space of your house which offers comfort to your mind and body after your day’s tiring work. Just a splash of water on the face can unwind and revitalize those tired cells. This inevitable part of your house deserves to have perfect settings and fittings to be able to continue providing you with a relaxing & indulgent experience. Renovating a Bathroom is a form of art that combines aesthetics and performance in a balanced way.

When it comes to the utility value and performance of a design, you will find a good range of bath fittings at Fibretech, suitable for your concepts and ideas. Look at the details, for an example, if you have sufficient space in there, then try placing a classic white Devonshire bathtub by Kohler, which has a sleek silhouette, lumbar and arm support with an anti-slip textured floor. Well, it comes with a range of additional hydrotherapy options as well. You can soak, bath as well as have bubble massage air bath options, among others. Enjoy the dip in this strong, sturdy and cost-effective bathtub.

We all would agree that a modern bathroom design overlooks a strategy that is intelligent, space-conscious and multipurpose while maintaining an elegant look at the same time. That is exactly what Kohler’s Drop-in Bathroom Sink lets you have. This classic design is inspired by Kathryn’s collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it brings in timeless sophistication and style. Adjust it according to your space and thoughts. Now, looking at the shower systems, some specifications like temperature control and water ooze capability would add comfort to your shower time. Let the water sprinkle from your shower with Brizo’s (Vettis) Tempassure Thermostatic shower trim that offers you more flexibility, including temperature settings. This will make your journey to serenity and rejuvenation even better.

Wait, if you are still tapping your fingers on your cheeks and trying to grasp the overall concept, then like a cherry on top, add an electric towel warmer shelf to your design and maximize the comfort levels. This shelf has ample space to hold the stack of towels as well as the ability to warm them. Those panels are magical. Just imagine yourself dabbing your tired face with a warm towel and gently massaging it on to your neck. How relaxing would that be! This small shelf can literally wipe off half of your exhaustion.

Fibretech has an array of amazing and exclusive solutions for your smart bathroom. Talk to us to renovate your bathroom in Surrey, Vancouver or Coquitlam. Fibretech will be your best solution guide for sure! For all we know is that your home needs a comforting bathroom too, not just a comforting couch, mattress, furniture, quilts, and pillows. Make your bathroom a reflection of your life and let it welcome you with warmth.  

Step away from the conventional tactics and explore strategies that can transform your bathroom into a smart one with intelligent renovation tactics. Remember, a smart way of choosing and working optimizes performance and the investment that goes into it.